Our products are: Addio Pizzo!

Pasticceria F.lli Scimeca, as well as aspiring to an high quality standard, aims to work in full respect of the legality. Our products are all distinguished by Addio Pizzo ceritificate. This mark, guaranteed by the association with the same name, distinguishes companies that have rebelled against the extortion racket and therefore do not accept mafia influences in their work, helping to streghthen a virtuos circuit that takes money and power away from the mafia.

From 1st December 2014 at our store in Viale regione Siciliana in Caccamo is possible to make purchase with ADDIOPIZZO CARD. The 5% ethical discount will be allocated to a collective investement fund for the recovery and enhancement of cetain areas in the city of Palermo (Parco della Favorita and Piazza Maggione).
Find out more at www.addiopizzo.org.