Our pastisserie is born

Pasticceria Scimeca is a young and ambicious family run-business, which making the ancient Sicilian confectionery tradition its own, aims to offer products of the highest quality and excellent services. Our production reflects the values of the finest Sicily, by seeking the best products that our splendid land can offer us, and the typical human warmth of Sicilian that becomes passion in his work.


Addio Pizzo Certificate

Pasticceria F.lli Scimeca, as well as aspiring to a high quality standard, aims to work in full respect of the legality. Our products are all distinguished by ADDIO PIZZO (Goodbye lace) CERTFICATE. This mark, guaranteed by the association with the same name, distinguishes companies that have rebelled against the extortion racket and therefore do not accept mafia influences in their work, helping to streghthen a virtuos circuit that takes money and power away from the mafia.


The store in Viale Regione Siciliana

On 19 March, we inaugurated our pastry shop to the public in one of the most important streets of the medieval village of Caccamo. Master pastry chefs guard the ancient recipes of sicilian tradition, putting them into practice in the preparation of the products.


Affiliation with other shops

Proud of the tradition we carry on, we continue to produce and package our products in an artisanal way, with hand-crafting in all the stages of the production process, without adding preservatives.


International shipping

Many companies, supermarkets, convenience stores, butchers and café have choosen to offer the products of Pasticceria F.lli Scimeca throughout the region. Discover the retailer nearest to you, find out where you can find our products. There are many proposal. Come and try them.